Preventative Employment Law

Providing Comprehensive Advice and Assistance to Employers

The last thing any employer wants is for a dispute with an employee to devolve into a costly lawsuit, but all too often, under the complex provisions of California and federal employment law, employers who fail to put adequate safeguards in place can be exposed to liability.

At the law firm of Stratton & Green, our San Diego employment attorneys advise small, mid-sized and large businesses on preventative employment law strategies. We are committed to helping our clients comply with the law while effectively managing their workplaces.

Helping Businesses Reduce Their Risk of Employment Disputes

Whether you have just started a business or you are concerned about your existing business’s exposure to liability, our experienced employment lawyers will carefully evaluate your circumstances and help you reduce your risk by offering services such as the following:

  • Facilitating manager and employee training sessions
  • Drafting employment policies and employee handbooks
  • Creating procedures for dealing with employee complaints
  • Advising employers on wage and overtime requirements

Our attorneys have built reputations as diligent, credible advocates for employees, and we draw on that experience when advising employers. We recognize that employers want to treat their employees fairly, and we are committed to helping them do so within the law.

Of course, there are times when employment litigation is unavoidable. In these situations, our experienced trial lawyers are prepared to provide skilled employment defense representation.

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