About Us

Stratton & Green is proud to serve as a modern advocate, in that it takes an innovative approach by not only litigating cases through trial but whenever possible, helping its clients to reduce exposure by utilizing a variety of preventative measures and alternative dispute resolution processes. This approach provides our clients with a variety of options that serve to educate and empower, thereby enabling our clients to make decisions specific to their individual needs. If litigation is the proper course to take after reasonable attempts at resolution, we will vigorously pursue the best result possible utilizing our proven experience in trying cases throughout the state of California.

In the employment context, we are committed to advance the interests of employees in disputes with their employers and in assisting businesses in reducing overall liability through a variety of preventative and proactive approaches, including statutory and regulatory compliance, drafting policy and procedure manuals, pre-termination counseling and litigation avoidance.

In non-employment contexts, Stratton & Green routinely handles general business and civil litigation, including personal injury and Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy.

We offer offices conveniently located throughout California and Stratton & Green accepts cases in many surrounding cities.

If you would like to discuss your legal matter with one of our attorneys, please contact us for a Free Consultation at (619)718-4820 or email our firm at info@sglawcorp.com.