What to Do About Wrongful Termination

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What to Do About Wrongful Termination

If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated from your job and are considering a wrongful termination lawsuit, there are some things you should know before seeking legal action. Educate yourself on what wrongful termination is and determine if your case fits the definition.

Illegal Reasons for Termination

The most typical and common illegal reasons for termination by an employer are related to race, ethnicity, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national origin. However, there are other illegal reasons for termination that are not usually thought of right away. These reasons could include reporting unsafe, illegal, or unfair conditions in the workplace, asserting your rights as an employee, or creating a union. It is important to remember that as an employee if you have been wrongfully terminated, there are laws in place that keep your employer from retaliation should you complain about them discriminating against you through your termination.

Protection from Termination

You might be wondering how you can protect yourself from wrongful termination. The best steps to take would be to document the reasons and circumstances that you were fired for. Get all of the details nailed down so that you can keep them for your records, should legal action be needed. Include individuals you spoke to, what was said, dates, etc.

Justification for Termination

Many people might wonder if their employer needs justification for terminating them. This question is specific to the employer. If you work for an at-will employer, your employer does not need justification to terminate you as long as it is a legal reason for termination. Additionally, if you have an employment contract with your employer, the contract will lay out the terms of termination.

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