Qualities of a Good Business Attorney

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Many people try to avoid dealing with legal matters for various reasons. In business, getting a reliable and qualified attorney will be a critical step in the course of running the organization. Getting an attorney could prove to be the most important step in solving some of the challenges you are going through. For commercial litigation there are several qualities you need to look out for. The Philosophy An ideal law firm should be committed to a philosophy of serving justice. A law firm that only seeks to win cases at all costs can sound like a good option for many of their clients, but it has a lot of risks. Unethical practices can have a negative impact on the business litigation process in a number of ways. It can cause problems between both parties and hinder the smooth resolution of disputes. It can also impact negatively on your business and make you and your business look untrustworthy. Established and Connected There are many different aspects of business litigation. They range from matters concerning contracts, debt, franchise disputes, partnership dissolution etc. Attorneys are now increasingly focusing on specific areas of specialization. A well connected attorney can recommend an attorney that can handle certain specific issues. You may visit a lawyer with an issue that does not fit his area of specialization. A well connected lawyer will have a network of attorneys dealing in different areas of specialization that he can refer you to. This can help save the time you would have taken to get a suitable attorney. Communication Business litigation encompasses a lot of things. As a business owner it is not practical to expect that you will have a grasp on every legal aspect of your business. Therefore, your lawyer should be a good communicator that can explain the legal challenges your business is facing. This can help you anticipate problem and play a more proactive role as far as legal issues are...

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Stratton & Green, ALC Are Here To Help You

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As an employee of a company, you have certain rights based on employee law. When these rights have been violated, you have the option to see counsel. But who do you turn to? How do you find the right attorney for your case? When you are in need of legal assistance in regards to your employment, then you need the help of an attorney who specializes in employee law. Stratton & Green, ALC is one such group that can help you with your legal needs. You may find yourself due wages that were not paid to you or been illegally terminated. These are just two examples of why you may need an attorney based on your employment. If you feel that you are in need of legal counsel for your job, contact an attorney for a free consultation. The experts at Stratton & Green, ALC will review your case and be able to help you see if you have an option for filing a claim. Every detail of your position within the company as well as what has happened will be discussed. The attorney will then provide you with information on the steps that can be taken to solve your problem. For example, let’s say you worked a full shift for one month but had several hours of overtime. Your employer did not pay you overtime pay, but only your standard wages. This would be cause for an employee law case. You are rightfully due overtime based on certain laws in the United States. An experienced attorney will be able to file a claim for you and help you receive lost wages and possible more due to any issue you may have faced such as late bill payments due to loss of income. When you choose to work with an attorney who is experienced in employee law, you set yourself up for success. The knowledge and experience of the attorney helps you to be able to file a claim and be successfully in your endeavors for compensation or rightful...

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Hiring a Lawyer for Employment Issues

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From time to time, we all have encountered problems with one of coworkers. When working with someone closely every day you are bound to run into issues, but how do you know when it’s time to consider hiring a lawyer over the issue? Here is some information on the issue in the workplace and when to know it’s time to seek a lawyer for assistance.   Why you need one In the workplace if you are experience problems with your coworkers and fellow employees such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or any other violation, it could possibly be time for you to take the matter to a more serious level by contacting a law firm and getting a lawyer. Don’t make the mistake to try and defend yourself, because when you hire a lawyer they are giving you the tools you need to potentially win the case. They will also know what kind of information you need, how to get it, and how to present witnesses and documents to the court. It would definitely be in your best interest to go with a lawyer.   How soon do I need a lawyer? It would be in your best interest to find a lawyer and have them take on your case as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult it could be for you to actually win your case. Some other reasons why you are strongly encouraged to speak with an attorney or lawyer immediately is if you have concerns of how you are being treated in your workplace, you want to file a lawsuit, you and other employees have the same issues with the same employer, or you do not clearly understand your rights or know what you are doing. If you delay talking to a lawyer, you will not be properly documenting the events that are happening, and this is a vital part of your case because you may need the evidence later on in the...

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5 Ways Businesses Can Recover From Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is a difficult situation for any business. When you realize that your business is facing bankruptcy, it is paramount to take some immediate action and help the business to survive.  A look at ways companies can get out of bankruptcy: Address the causes When you find your business in this challenging situation, try to identify the cause. It might be time to reevaluate the business costs and eliminate those that are not core to the business. It helps get the company back on its feet while optimizing spending to get maximum returns. Identify your goals If you want to recover from bankruptcy, you have to set your goals. This could mean reestablishing a better credit score and paying all your debts.  If you want to focus on your progress, identify your top goals and work hard to achieve them. Get a new credit card issuer In the recent times, it was not easy to find a lender who would be willing to give car loans, credit cards or any other type of credit to people or businesses that have a history of troubled loans. However, it is still possible to get willing lenders. Although the terms they give you might not be ideal, getting a new account will help in rebuilding the credit history Check your credit score Most credit reports have some inaccurate information. This information can affect your business mortgage rates or your chances of getting a job.  If you take your time and remove the incorrect information, you will have significantly improved your credit score. Gradually re-establish the business credit If your credit score is being dragged in the mud, you can decide to take your credit card and pay them off every month. It helps you in rebuilding your credit score. In a year, your score will improve, and it could be good as new in seven to ten...

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Tell-Tale Signs You Might Need to Declare Bankruptcy

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The word bankruptcy is often seen in a bad light as it is believed to connote extreme poverty, despair, and hopelessness. For those who have no clue what they are doing, filing for bankruptcy may very well mean all those things. For some who have consulted financial professionals, however, declaring bankruptcy can provide a number of advantages when used correctly. If you are currently struggling financially and thinking about your options, here are signs that you might need to consider filing for bankruptcy: You are completely dependent on your credit card – if you have no other means to pay your groceries, basic utilities, and other daily necessities other than using your credit card; it means that you are in deep financial trouble. The interest rates on your debts have increased a lot because of non-payment – how can you possibly be debt-free if you don’t even have money to pay your debt at a lower interest rate? How much more with an increased interest rate? You are spending practically all your waking time working – if you are holding multiple jobs already and you are still barely paying off your debts or hardly paying for your daily living, what other options do you have? You can barely function because of stress and anxiety – if your debts and other financial problems are causing you to experience symptoms of severe stress and anxiety like panic attacks, which is already affecting your work and family. If you are experiencing majority, if not all, of the signs above then there is no doubt that you are in deep financial misery. While thinking on your own might feel like you are doing something to solve the problem, it is high time to consider calling financial professionals to assist in your financial matters. For a free consultation and more information about the bankruptcy process and other possible options you have, contact Stratton & Green, ALC immediately.  ...

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How a Business can Avoid Breach of Contract Lawsuits

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Often times, when parties enter into a business contract, they do not think about what the future holds for the same. Nevertheless, litigation may happen after you have signed that contract. In order to protect your business, you would want to seek the help of a trusted commercial litigation attorney San Diego, CA. There are ways you can avoid breach of contract lawsuits and they include:   Properly identify the party to enter into contract Before you even think of engaging in an agreement with a party, you should make sure you are doing so with the right entity or individual. This is by large, the most common reason why there are breaches of contracts. It may sound simple, but it could be a complex issue to deal with. For example, if an individual signs a contract in a name of a business that has not yet been formed or does not exist, it could later culminate into problems.   Have well thought-out guarantees Guarantees tend to be unforeseeable and if you are signing a contract, ensure that the guarantor appearing on the contract is competent enough to be liable in case of a dispute. You should emphasize on the protection of corporate shield by ensuring that the guarantor can stand in when the business or the other party breaches a contract.   Have a clear venue and jurisdictional clause A common pitfall that results in breach of contracts is failure to understand how the venue and jurisdictional clauses impact on the contract. This is especially so if you are getting involved in a contract with a business in another state. Whenever there is a breach of contract, you want to know that the place for performance of such a contract will determine if there is a case or no case to answer. Often than not, you will enter into contracts with other parties. The best way to do that is with the guidance and help of a business litigation lawyer. Stratton & Geen, ALC can help you with business related litigation, bankruptcy lawsuits, employment defense, and general civil...

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