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What You Need to Know About the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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What You Need to Know About the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy If you are laden with anxiety because your business is on the verge of bankruptcy, filing for the Chapter 7 will help you reorganize your debt to avoid liquidation of your company assets. This also gets you off the hook of acquiring additional liabilities caused by charges against your monthly obligations and deflects collection calls that may hurt your business credit standing. Bankruptcy Opens Your Financial Standing to Public Inquiry When filing for the Chapter 7 law, be prepared to put your information into public scrutiny. This exposes every aspect of your financial standing including the mistakes and how your company handled your finances in the recent years. Filing for bankruptcy protection will also require you to file a huge amount of paper works which will be added on to the bankruptcy schedules. Among the things you need to present to the arbitrary court includes company assets, debts, income, recent financial activities and transactions, and expenses. You will also be required to attend several instances where you face with your creditors. Also called as a “meeting of creditors”, this can be extremely uncomfortable as you disclose your financial standing with them and the bankruptcy trustees. It Affects Your Credit Standing for Several Years It normally takes a debtor two years to start recovering from the financial burden they incurred from your business. In most instances, these creditors will not likely have business with you for the years to come following your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. Working on your credit standing will help you get a better score so you can start rebuilding your finances. This will help you and your company focus on the changes that can help bring financial stability in the long run. If you are considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for your business, debt relief agencies like Stratton & Green, ALC can help you cross the bridge worry free. Not only will it protect your property, but also cease collection actions, and discharges all your debt balances from financial institutions you have acquired debt...

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Breach of Contract – What Now?

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Breach of Contract – What Now? Business contracts are an essential aspect of the success of a company. You are expected to fulfill your obligations under the contract while the other party fulfills theirs. Unfortunately, contracts of any kind do not always work out in the way they are expected to. Rather than doing nothing when a breach of contract has occurred, it is important to remember that the contract is enforceable by law. Depending on the type of breach and the amount of money involved, lost monies may be able to be recovered in small claims court. However, the best option for you when the dollar amount of the lost finances exceeds the court’s maximum is to hire an experienced attorney. In more complex breach of contract cases, this is also the best course of action. In some cases, the amount of money and time spent going after the monies owed may not be reasonable. Of course, in cases where there was a significant loss, hiring a reputable attorney to fight for you is best. The four breach categories include: Material Breach – the most serious of breaches, and is when one party fails to fulfill their end of the contract. Fundamental Breach – the wronged party is allowed to stop performance and sue for damages. Anticipatory Breach – a breach is about to happen. Minor Breach – only a portion of the contract is breached. In all cases of contract breaches, it must be credible. The signed contract, date it was executed, date of the breach, and the amount of money lost, must be available for your lawyer to evaluate. A qualified attorney can explain what is involved in each of these breach categories and more. The attorneys at Stratton and Green, LLC can help. For more information on breach of contract, contact them...

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Stratton & Green, ALC Business Litigation: Are You a Victim of Unfair Business Practices

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Stratton & Green, ALC Business Litigation: Are You a Victim of Unfair Business Practices Even after thorough preparation, small and mid-sized businesses can find themselves dealing with serious challenges that could threaten their venture. Unfair competition is one of the challenges that organizations sometimes have to deal with conclusively if they are to maintain profitability. There are federal and state laws that are designed to protect businesses from unfair practices. The California Business and Professions code describe unfair competition as any act or practice that is “unfair, untrue, deceptive, or misleading”. If you’ve been a victim of unfair business practices, you can start a lawsuit that will hold your competitor liable for the tortious actions by competitors or business partners. Some of the examples of business torts may include: Intellectual Property: This includes matters relating to trade secrets, copyright or the infringement of your trademark. Trade secret often involves the review of non-solicitation and nondisclosure agreements. The objective of trademark litigation is to examine whether a competitors action leads to confusion on the actual source of goods. The law aims to protect businessmen to prevent the confusion, but also tries to attain a balance so that the complainant is not overreaching. False Advertising and Misrepresentation: Under California’s Unfair Competition Law, the use of “unfair, misleading, untrue and deceptive advertising” is prohibited. Before advertising, businesses are advised to seek legal counsel to prevent spending time on money on advertising that could put the business at risk of legal action. If your business has been a victim of false advertising, you can resolve the issue outside the courts through negotiations or cease and desist letters. Stratton & Green, ALC works with the small, mid-sized, and large organization to assist them with business litigation in Southern California. Stratton & Green helps clients find the best solution by applying a set of preventive measures and the use of alternative dispute resolution processes based on the needs of the...

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The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer to Represent Your Business

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The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer to Represent Your Business Aside from the complicated paper works and preparing the capital for your business, you need manpower. You, as a business owner, need to hire employees that can make your business even more possible. Yes, resources are important, but without manpower, your business will never be a success. Now that you are hiring people, there are two important professionals that you will need – an accountant and a lawyer. Business owners definitely don’t miss hiring an accountant because they feel the need to have someone monitoring their charts of accounts, but they often miss the importance of hiring a lawyer for their business. That is why some businesses miss some small details in terms of legalities and litigation. Why Do You Need A Business Lawyer? Every business, big or small, needs to hire a lawyer. One main reason is there are lots of laws regarding business and these laws need to be followed. Given that there are hundreds of laws revolving around the world of business, every industry even has its own set of rules and regulations. These laws are not simple and a lawyer can definitely help you in determining what these laws are and how to abide. More than that, lawyers are the right professionals to seek advice when there are deals, contracts, and leases. More than that, businesses can be involved in disputes and that is part of the business cycle. What you need to avoid is procrastinating the need to hire a lawyer and when business disputes and claims knock on your door, you will be stressed out looking for someone out there to provide help. As early as now, lawyers should be hired to prevent this kind of circumstances. Where Can You Get A Business Lawyer? It really does not matter if you will be hiring a big or small firm. All you need to do is hire one of the best law firms that you think will match your business’ needs. If you are in California, you might want to know more about the Stratton & Green, ALC. This California-based law firm has been providing services to individuals and businesses all over the state by not just simply handling litigation, but also educating and empowering their clients to help them make decisions that will suit what they need. Headed by Cynthia Stratton and Sabrina Green, the law firm is providing services in different areas, including representing a business. Visit the Stratton & Green, ALC’s website today to learn more about what they can do and how they can help...

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Saving Yourself the Trouble

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Saving Yourself the Trouble As companies grow, they tend to start figuring things out on their own, rather than outsourcing it to professionals who specialize in each area. There are a number of things that as the owner of a corporation, you will want your own people to take care of, but if you are still in your early years, you might want to ensure that certain sensitive matters are handled by people with enough experience. This is especially true when the consequences of an improper handling of a situation can involve legal things. If you are dealing with a legal situation and you are not 100 percent sure that your internal team can deal with it, it is best to outsource this to a firm that can help you with a team of experienced professionals. This will help you save yourself bigger issues down the line. Stratton & Green Law Group is a firm managed by two partners who focus on getting the best results possible for their clients. As a boutique law firm, they offer the advantage of the personalized attention to each client, so your case won’t be lost among hundreds of others. By dealing with you on a personal basis, they will be able to fully understand your situation, your wants, and needs. By understanding this they will have the ability to offer what is actually best for you, rather than a general idea, based on what they’ve done for other clients. They specialize in civil litigation and employment law so if you are having internal issues, this is the firm you will want to call o help you sort things out. Avoid yourself the trouble of doing things incorrectly the first time and having to work twice as hard to solve it afterward. Hire these professionals who will provide the best advice...

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