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REASONS TO AVOID HIRING ONLINE LEGAL PROVIDERS WHEN STARTING YOUR BUSINESS If you have finally taken the steps, quit your old job and started out on your own it can be a little overwhelming. After all, you have put everything you have into starting your business, the best thing to do is to hire an attorney that works for you-not for everyone else. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ONE SIZE FITS ALL The law is an everchanging amoeba- not a single entity. Each business or case is always going to be different by city, state, and county. How can ready-made legal packages possibly cover the enormous amounts of variables? The best option to protect your business is a law firm that practices law-not recites it. AVOID HIDDEN FEES Hiring a lawyer will keep you covered without the hidden fees. You know that once Stratton and Green represent you they are going to take care of you giving you all the information you need upfront, not withholding it to upsell you. With legal service providers, they don’t tell you about court filing fees, potential penalties, quick delivery charges and a number of other things that can come up. Your online legal provider won’t tell you about these things-instead they will bill you or sell you an add-on package. This is not only frustrating but costly. KNOW WHO YOU ARE When you need answers fast who do you call at any of the online legal providers? When something comes up you aren’t sure about how confident are you that your business is protected with your ready-made package. By hiring Stratton and Green we develop personal relationships with our clients and know everything there is to know about their business or their case. We understand your legal situation is personal and unique, so we make your personal business our business. Stratton and Green specialize in business law. They understand the importance of developing a relationship and the necessity of protecting your business so that you can focus on running it. Call our office today to see how we can help...

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