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Saving Yourself the Trouble

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Saving Yourself the Trouble As companies grow, they tend to start figuring things out on their own, rather than outsourcing it to professionals who specialize in each area. There are a number of things that as the owner of a corporation, you will want your own people to take care of, but if you are still in your early years, you might want to ensure that certain sensitive matters are handled by people with enough experience. This is especially true when the consequences of an improper handling of a situation can involve legal things. If you are dealing with a legal situation and you are not 100 percent sure that your internal team can deal with it, it is best to outsource this to a firm that can help you with a team of experienced professionals. This will help you save yourself bigger issues down the line. Stratton & Green Law Group is a firm managed by two partners who focus on getting the best results possible for their clients. As a boutique law firm, they offer the advantage of the personalized attention to each client, so your case won’t be lost among hundreds of others. By dealing with you on a personal basis, they will be able to fully understand your situation, your wants, and needs. By understanding this they will have the ability to offer what is actually best for you, rather than a general idea, based on what they’ve done for other clients. They specialize in civil litigation and employment law so if you are having internal issues, this is the firm you will want to call o help you sort things out. Avoid yourself the trouble of doing things incorrectly the first time and having to work twice as hard to solve it afterward. Hire these professionals who will provide the best advice...

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Construction Law: How a Lawyer Can Help You

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Construction Law : How a Lawyer Can Help You Construction companies must be aware of the legal framework they are operating under to avoid legal issues that could jeopardize the project in the future. The federal, state and local governments have their own regulations that affect different aspects of the building process. To avoid disputes construction companies must be strategic and proactive. Here’s how lawyers from Stratton & Green, ALC can help you. Contract Drafting and Negotiation Contract drafting and negotiation are one of the most important first stages that construction companies need to pay attention to. Thinking critically about the direction of the project and the possible pitfalls that may plague the process in the future will determine the terms of a contract. Some of the issues our lawyers can help you address include the collection of payment during the course of the project. Your lawyer can also prepare a comprehensive breakdown of all the contractual requirements before the project commences. Understanding the requirements of the project helps the builder determine if he can fulfill them before signing the contract. Dispute Resolution This describes the mechanism that the parties involved in a contract will follow in case issues arise between them. The dispute resolution mechanism can be outlined in the contract during the initial drafting and negotiation stages. Construction is one of the most dispute ridden industries. Having a well-defined dispute resolution mechanism helps clients determine how, where, and when the issues will be resolved. This, in turn, facilitates the smooth running of the project and avoids lengthy litigation processes that could prove to be costly. Since different regions have their own rules and regulations, having two parties from different states can lead to a situation where both parties have different expectations. Stratton & Green, ALC has lawyers who are experienced in conflict resolution, employment law, mechanic’s lien, amongst...

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